Avril 2014

Joy Division – She’s lost control
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The passenger
Eat your make up – Dust in the lathedral

Animal as leaders – The wouen web
Kenny Arkana – V pour vérités
Destrage – Punania

Jack and the beanded fisherman – Way out
Warpaint – Love is to die
Son Lux – Alternate world

Hightone – Raag step
Roxxxan – TFF
Azealia Banks – 212

Mehdi Alouane – From the past reborn the storm
Brendan Perry – Utopia
Dubamix – Ils ne cherchaient personne

Banda Bassoti – Luna Rossa
Against me ! - Pints of guiness make you strong
Julie Colère – Buddy

Henri Tachan – Les z’hommes
Guiedré – Toutes des putes
Billy the Kick et les gamins en folie – Quelques mots pour clamer les machos

Télédétente 666 – Leader
CKC – Tous les 7 ans
The evens – All this gouvernors

Boycutt - ?
Médine – Protest song
Mc Moustaj – Another craze

Christophe Rigaud – See the river
Hilyle – Love is my only religion
Wailing trees - Selon ma nature

Blackbug – Absorbing hearts
Medeski, Martin and Wood – Ten Dollar High
The ex – The sky is blue again